“Everyone has the right to live in a healthy, balanced, natural environment. Loving green means loving life. A contaminated environment pollutes the human soul, and polluted souls, in turn, pollute the environment. Only healthy environments can sustain healthy lives.”

At TG Technical Group, we are guided by our desire for a clean world and by our recycling-conscious approach. We choose to follow this principle: It is our personal responsibility to increase the sustainability and quality of life in our world. This governs our business decisions and goals. It’s the only way to hand over a better world to the generations to come.


This is what motivates us to make sure that all our work processes and technological systems help protect the environment and aid sustainability. We are never done updating our technology and making it more resource-friendly. Our powerful, modern infrastructure means that you can rely on fast, superb, and secure service.


One example is our paperless online system. Our intelligent infrastructure sends your digital orders straight to production-line sites. We use this same modern, fast method to get your order authorizations as well as to send orders to our suppliers. Everyone saves on time while protecting the environment – the two most important RESOURCES for humans.